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Cathy Ferguson, B.S., M.P.H.
Public Health Administrator

Fiscal Services

Angel Lillpop (EXT: 2125)
Director of Fiscal Services

Lois Dober (EXT: 2102)
Fiscal Services Coordinator

Vicki Frey (EXT: 2100)
Front Office Support Staff/Billing Coordinator

Environmental Health

Jennifer Kolb, B.S., L.E.H.P. (EXT: 2118)
Environmental Health Coordinator

Tracy Bay (EXT: 2121)
Environmental Health Secretary

Ashley Poore (EXT: 2104)
Environmental Health Specialist

Sam Bay (EXT: 2126)
Health Inspector

Emergency Response

Stefanie Gardner (EXT: 2128)
Emergency Response Coordinator

Community & Personal Health Services

Jenny Conderman, R.N. (EXT: 2127)
Director of Community & Personal Health Services

Lora Fassler, B.A. (EXT: 2116)
Health Education Coordinator/Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Courtney Teller, P.A. (EXT: 2109)
Family Planning Physician Assistant

Krystle Thomas (EXT: 2107)
Family Planning Secretary

Maternal & Child Health

Lisa Wiggins, R.N. (EXT: 2113)
Director of Maternal and Child Health Services

Lindsay Mitchell, R.N. (EXT: 2115)
Public Health Nurse

Christian Williamson, R.N. (EXT: 2114)
Public Health Nurse

Ashton Giedd, R.N. (EXT: 2120)
Public Health Nurse

Lesley Garcia (EXT: 2123)
WIC & FCM Support Staff/Translator

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